Laboratory "Transfer Processes in Multiphase Media"

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
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The scientific staff comprises 17 researchers: 3 professors, including one Doctor of Science, 5 associate professors, 6 assistant professors and 3 chemists.

The research activity is focused on the study of mass transfer mechanisms in liquid-liquid and solid-liquid systems, focused on development of various separation methods and techniques like extraction, liquid membrane separations, ionic liquids separation, adsorption, etc. The application is in “green” processes using non-toxic and low-pollutant chemicals, recovery of valuable substances or removal of harmful substances from wastewaters, hydrometallurgical processes for recovery of metals, manufacturing of valuable natural bioactive products extracted from botanicals and intended for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutritional uses.

The hydrodynamics and mass transfer in packed columns is another traditional research field. The studies include development of new types of high efficient packings and devices for uniform distribution of the liquid phase and elimination of the harmful wall flow effect. The latter allows for reliable transfer of laboratory test results to industrial scale.

Investigations are carried out also on treatment of industrial and domestic wastes through pyrolisis and incineration with utilization of the obtained heat.