• Utilization plants with contact economizers for heat recovery of exhaust fumes from boilers and fuel equipment for natural gas:
    • first generation – recover heat from condensation of water vapor from the gases and heat cold water flows to temperature of 56 °С . Providing fuel economy to 15 %;
    • second generation – they heat water flows to 63 °С and allows heating of hot water flows as the returning to the plant heating water. In these installations the air for combustion of the boiler is heated and humidified and the content of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust fumes decreases to 3.5 times. They provide fuel economy of 12-15 %;
  • Rectification plants for production of ethanol for food designation – three, four and five-column plants with a capacity of 1000 to 20000 liters per day. They produce high quality alcohol with concentration above 96 % vol. and varying degree of purification, depending on the plant complexity. The raw material is fermented mixture, obtained from corn hydrolyzate, molasses etc.
    Installations are built on a modular basis and are located in a self-supporting metal structure with area of 3x3 m to 4.5x5.5 m and a height of 18 m.
  • Plant for absolute alcohol (bioethanol) with capacity of 10000 liters per day and concentration of 99.5 % vol. The installation works on the principle of molecular sieves.
  • Cooling towers with variable capacity, which provides good cooling also in extreme summer conditions. They are equipped with high-effective metal and plastic packing.
  • Installations for obtaining of biogas from organic waste (from alcohol production, farming etc.). The performance of bio-reactors is basin or column type.
  • Installations for extraction of valuable products from plant materials.